Simple and Central Administration of Your Portfolio

With EXXETA Portfolio Management Solution, the dimensions of your portfolio management add up perfectly and you always have an overview of your complex contract portfolio and the creditworthiness and credit risks of your contractual partner.

Portfolio Management

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The easy way to value your portfolio on a daily basis

EXXETA Portfolio Management Solution has been specially tailored to manage complex contract topologies and the associated partners and commercial network model information. With its capability to model standardised and complex commodity, transport and storage contracts the solution's contract management function is particularly effective. Each type of contracts has a predefined set of parameters. Other specific parameters can be configured as mandatory or optional parameters depending on the type of contract. Filterable summaries offer quick and intuitive access to your portfolio. EXXETA Portfolio Management Solution comes with the capability to operate as your master data system, but it does not require you to configure it as such.

Portfolio Manager

The new module “Portfolio Manager” provides a book-based solution for multi-commodity portfolio valuation. It simply arranges your contracts in different books according to your personal criteria and automatically calculates their value. After completing the valuation process the system shows your exposure by commodity. You can then simulate or execute hedges to adjust your portfolio position.

How You Benefit from EXXETA Portfolio Management Solution

  • Simple and central portfolio management
  • Calculation of exposure for multiple commodities plus hedging
  • Fast and transparent integration into existing system landscapes